We Can't All Be A Queen

At some point in a girl's life, they wish to be a princess or a queen. Girls grow up watching shows and movies revolved around royalty. Think about Princess Diaries. Mia, a shy girl that already hates her preppy school, gets thrown suddenly into royalty, but with the help of her grandmother she grows into a beautiful, kind, and enduring princess. And what about all the Hallmark movies we binge through the Christmas season? Most of those movies are centered around a down to earth girl falling in love with the handsome prince or king, and they live happily ever after(right after the 20 minutes where the couple usually gets in a fight).

I guess we get a little hurt that are dreams cannot become a reality, but as we grow older we start to find our true purpose. I'm only 14 years old so of course I haven't figured my life out yet, but I have found the things I am good at and what I am challenged in. We all have a purpose and a reason God has placed us on this Earth. So even though we can't all be a queen, we can be so much more. Now that women can truly explore the job industry, women can make change.

As someone who knows I am not a queen, I wanted to make this blog. I am just a young, ambitious, and hard working teen who truly wants to make change. I want everyone to feel accepted for who they are. This blog is a community with those with questions, those who need advice, and those who don't have anywhere else to go. Welcome!

So, if you want, join my journey in navigating and finding my own purpose.

Elizabeth xoxo